Peronosclerospora sp. nov. 5


Sporangiophores/Conidiophores not observed.

Sporangia/conidia not observed.

Oogonia formed in the leaf blades which split into a tangled mass of vascular fibres, subglobose-globose, (38-)45-58(-63) µm in diameter; wall (exosporium), smooth, undulating, rounded, 3-15 µm thick, light golden brown.

Oospores one per oogonium, globose, (28-)34-42(-46) µm in diameter, adnate with oogonium wall, with a single vacuole; wall (endosporium) 2-4 µm thick, hyaline, even, smooth.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species:

Chionachne sp. - BRIP




The only specimen of this downy mildew consists of short culms bearing a small mass of tanged frayed leaves with adherent oogonia and flowering tillers bearing inflorescences. No signs of the asexual state were found on the specimen.

Molecular techniques show that this is a new species of Peronosclerospora.