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Bibulocystis gloriosa J. Walker & R.G. Shivas

Spermogonia on stems and stem galls, often surrounded by uredinia or occasionally by telia, subcuticular, aparaphysate, pale amber, raised, 40‒70 μm wide, 40‒50 μm high, with a peridium.

Spermatia hyaline, ellipsoidal, 3‒4 × 2.0‒2.5 μm.

Uredina on distorted stems, stem galls up to 5 cm long, swollen leaf rachides and lower surface of leaflets, glossy, dark brown, dome shaped, opening by a central circular pore, aparaphysate, subepidermal, 100‒300 μm diam. on leaflets, cupulate and 250‒300 deep × 350‒500 μm wide on hypertophied stems.

Urediniospores  subglobose, ellipsoidal or obovoid, pale yellow to pale yellowish brown, 16‒32 × 16‒24 μm; wall uniformly 2.0‒2.5 μm thick, sparsely echinulate, germ pores, inconspicuous.

Telia similar to uredinia.

Teliospores with two fertile cells (rarely one), each subtended by a hygroscopic cyst, 20‒37 × 22‒35 μm. Fertile cells are yellowish brown, broadly oval to obovate, each 16‒28 × 13‒18 μm, joined vertically at the central septum; wall is 1.5−2.0 μm thick at the sides, 2.5‒4.0 (‒4.5) μm at the apex, with a distinct germ pore 2‒4 μm wide. Hygroscopic cysts are hyaline to subhyaline, 4‒15 × 6‒11 μm; wall less than 1 μm thick; pedicel attached to both cysts, up to 50 × 4‒6 μm, 7‒11 μm wide where attached to cysts, a fragment to 30 μm long  remains on detached spores.

Host family: Caesalpiniaceae
Host species: Caesalpinia scortechinii


A more detailed description of Bibulocystis gloriosa, which is only known from three collections near Tennison Woods Mountain in south-east Queensland, was given by Walker and Shivas (2009). There are two other species of Bibulocystis known, the generic type B. pulcherrima on Daviesia spp. in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as B. viennotii on Albizia granulosa in New Caledonia (Walker et al. 2006).

Highslide JS
Bibulocystis gloriosa on Caesalpinia scortechinii - BRIP 27655.
Scale bar = 5 mm
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Pinnule sori of Bibulocystis gloriosa on Caesalpinia scortechinii - BRIP 27655. Scale bar = 2 mm.
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Urediniospores of Bibulocystis gloriosa on Caesalpinia scortechinii - BRIP 31632.
Scale bar = 10 µm.
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Teliospores of Bibulocystis gloriosa on Caesalpinia scortechinii - BRIP 27655.
Scale bar = 10 µm.