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Cerotelium fici (Castagne) Arthur

Uredinia mostly on upper leaf surface, solitary or in small groups, on reddish brown angular spots up to 2 mm wide with diffuse borders, corresponding spots on upper surface darker and coalescing, subepidermal, slightly erumpent, round, 100-200 µm diam., brown.

Urediniospores globose, subglobose, broadly ellipsoidal or obovoid, 20‒33 × 15‒22 µm, base often truncate and up to 10 wide, subhyaline to pale brown; wall 1‒2 µm thick, echinulate with sparse spines up to 2 µm long and 1 µm wide at base.

Host family: Moraceae
Host species: Ficus spp.


Cerotelium fici was first reported from Australia by Simmonds (1966). Paraphyses were not seen in the Australian specimens.

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Cerotelium fici on Ficus opposita - BRIP 61007.
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Uredinia of Cerotelium fici on Ficus septica - BRIP 53743.
Scale bar = 5 mm.
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Urediniospores of Cerotelium fici on Ficus sp. - BRIP 58068.
Scale bar = 10 µm.
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Teliospores of Cerotelium fici on Ficus coronulata - BRIP 56890.
Scale bar = 10 µm.