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Cystopsora notelaeae Syd.

Aecia on hypertophied vegetative shoots and fruits, on leaf blisters up to 1.5 cm diam., subepidermal, erumpent, mostly on the lower leaf surface, about 300 µm diam., in groups, subhyaline to yellow.

Aeciospores globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal or polygonally irregular, hyaline to subhyaline, 20‒32 × 16‒22 µm; wall 2‒5 µm thick, irregularly reticulate in surface view, profile echinulate to verrrucose in median view.

Uredinia scattered over the lower leaf surfaces in patches up to 1 cm diam., with reddish brown leaf spots on corresponding upper leaf surface, suprastomatal, initially bright yellow, becoming hyaline with age.

Urediniospores globose, subglobose or broadly ellipsoidal, subhyaline, yellow to pale yellowish brown, 16‒25 × 15‒23 µm; wall 2‒4 µm thick, echinulate with moderately dense coarse spines up to 2 µm high.

Telia on lower leaf surface, suprastomatal, not erumpent, yellowish brown.

Teliospores globose, subglobose or ellipsoidal, apex rounded, subhyaline to pale yellowish brown, 26‒35 × 23‒31 µm; wall 1‒7 µm, uneven, often thickened at the apex, with a conspicuous 5‒6 µm diam. germ pore from which emerges a basidium at apex, echinulate.

Basidia cylindrical, 2-celled, hyaline, 30‒45 × 15‒18 µm.

Host family: Oleaceae
Host species: Notelaea linearis
Notelaea microcarpa

Notelaea punctata


Cystopsora notelaeae was described from Australia by Sydow (1937). Cummins and Hiratsuka (2003) treated this rust as a synonym of Zaghouania in the Pucciniaceae. A systematic analysis indicated Cystopsora notelaeae was in the Mikronegeriaceae, an ancestral family of rust fungi (McTaggart et al. 2015).

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Cystopsora notelaeae on Notelaea microcarpa - BRIP 58325.
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Aecia of Cystopsora notelaeae on Notelaea punctata - BRIP 15091. Scale bar = 1 cm.
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Uredinia of Cystopsora notelaeae on Notelaea microcarpa - BRIP 58325.
Scale bar = 1 cm.
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Urediniospores of Cystopsora notelaeae on Notelaea microcarpa - BRIP 58325.
Scale bar = 10 µm.
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Teliospores and basidia of Cystopsora notelaeae on Notelaea microcarpa - BRIP 15479.
Scale bar = 10 µm.