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Desmella aneimiae Syd. & P. Syd.

Uredinia on lower leaf surfaces, suprastomatal, erumpent, round, white or yellow.

Urediniospores globose, hyaline, subhyaline to yellow, 25‒28 × 24‒27 µm; wall 1.5‒2.0 µm thick.

Host family: Lomariopsidaceae
Host species: Goniophlebium percussum
Nephrolepis hirsutula


Desmella aneimiae is one of two rusts reported on ferns (Pteridophyta) in Australia (McTaggart et al. 2014).

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Desmella aneimiae on Nephrolepis hirsutula - BRIP 60995.
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Uredinia of Desmella aneimiae on Goniophlebium percussum - BRIP 50770.
Scale bar = 5 mm.
Uredinia of Bubakia indica on Glochidion sp. - BRIP 31598.
Scale bar = 100 µm.
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Urediniospores of Desmella aneimiae on Nephrolepis hirsutula - BRIP 60995.
Scale bar = 10 µm