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Maravalia cryptostegiae (Cummins) Y. Ono

Uredinia on lower leaf surface, scattered, confluent, suprastomatal, round, <100 µm, hyaline, subhyaline to yellow.

Urediniospores globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal or obovoid, hyaline, 17‒21 × 18‒30 µm; wall 2 µm thick, apex sometimes thickened, up to 5 µm thick, echinulate.

Telia on lower leaf surface, suprastomatal, formed from uredinia, dome-shaped, white.

Teliospores cylindrical, obovoid or fusiform, apex rounded, hyaline, 31‒43 × 14‒16 µm; wall 1‒2 µm thick, smooth, pedicel persistent, 23‒53 µm long.

Basidia cylindrical, hyaline, 53 × 9 µm.

Host family: Apocynaceae
Host species: Cryptostegia madagascariensis


Maravalia cryptostegiae was successfully introduced in Queensland as a biological control agent of Cryptostegia grandiflora (Tomley and Evans, 2004). Maravalia is a polyphyletic genus (Aime 2006), and M. cryptostegiae was recovered in the Mikronegeriaceae by McTaggart et al. (2015).