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Puccinia flavescens McAlpine

Uredinia on upper leaf surface, subepidermal, erumpent pulverulent, linear, yellowish brown, peridium present.

Urediniospores globose, subglobose or ellipsoidal, yellowish brown, 21‒24 × 22‒25 μm; wall 2‒2.5 μm thick, finely echinulate, with 5‒6 scattered germ pores.

Telia on both leaf surfaces, formed from uredinia, subepidermal, erumpent, linear, black, peridium present.

Teliospores cylindrical or clavate, apex acuminate or rounded, 2 to 3 celled, reddish brown, 35‒47 × 20‒26 μm; wall 2.5‒3 μm thick at sides, 4‒8 μm thick at apex, smooth, pedicel persistent, tinted, up to 72 μm.

Host family: Fabaceae
Host species: Austrostipa sp.


McAlpine (1903) described P. flavescens from Austrostipa (as Stipa) flavescens, which is indigenous to Australia.