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Puccinia myrsiphylli (Thüm.) G. Winter

Uredinia on lower leaf surface, subcuticular or subepidermal, erumpent, round, hyaline to subhyaline, peridium present.

Urediniospores globose, subglobose or ellipsoidal, hyaline to subhyaline, 20‒30 × 20‒24 μm; wall 1‒2 μm thick, finely verruculose.

Telia on stems or lower leaf surface, subepidermal, black.

Teliospores cylindrical, apex acuminate or rounded, 2 celled, yellowish brown, 41-67 × 19‒27 μm; wall 2‒3 μm thick at sides, 4‒8 μm thick at apex, smooth, with persistent pedicel, up to 20 μm.

Host family: Asparagaceae
Host species: Asparagus asparagoides


Puccinia myrsiphylli was introduced from South Africa in 2000 as a biological control agent for Asparagus asparagoides (bridal creeper) across southern Australia (Morin et al. 2002).