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Puccinia ursiniae R.G. Shivas

Uredinia on stems and both leaf surfaces, subepidermal, erumpent, round or ellipsoidal, up to 1000 µm, yellow to yellowish brown.

Urediniospores ellipsoidal or obovoid, yellowish brown, 24‒34 × 15‒23 µm; wall 1.5‒2.5 µm thick, echinulate, with 1‒3 inconspicuous equatorial germ pores.

Telia on stems and both leaf surfaces, subepidermal, erumpent, linear, dome-shaped or ellipsoidal, up to 2000 µm, confluent, black.

Teliospores ellipsoidal, apex rounded, 2 celled, reddish brown to brown, 40‒58 × 25‒33 µm; wall 2.5‒5 µm thick at sides, 5‒9 µm thick at apex, finely verrucose, pedicel persistent, up to 120 µm.

Host family: Asteraceae
Host species: Ursinia anthemoides


Puccinia ursiniae was described from the naturalised specimens of the South African Ursinia anthemoides in Western Australia (Shivas 1991).