Anthracocystis panici-leucophaei (Bref.) McTaggart & R.G. Shivas


Lundquistia fascicularis Vánky
Sorosporium bonariense
(Speg.) Zundel (as "bonariensis")
Sorosporium lindmanii Zundel
Sphacelotheca bonariensis (Speg.) Cif.
Sphacelotheca panici-leucophaei (Bref.) G.P. Clinton
Sphacelotheca viegasiana Zundel
Sporisorium bonariense (Speg.) Vánky
Sporisorium fasciculare (Vánky) M. Stoll, Begerow & Oberw. (as "fascicularis")
Sporisorium panici-leucophaei (Bref.) M. Piepenbr.
Ustilago bonariensis Speg.
Ustilago garcesii Zundel (as "garcesi")
Ustilago insularis Henn.
Ustilago panici-leucophaei Bref.


Sori occupying the uppermost leaves of sterile shoots, the floral stem and often part or all of the ±developed inflorescence, long-cylindrical, often twisted and tapering towards the apex, 40–150 mm long, 2–8 mm wide, usually partly enclosed by healthy leaf sheaths. In the sori, the parenchymatous tissues between the veins are replaced by the dark brown semi-agglutunated or granular-powdery mass of spore balls and spores exposed by the rupture of the covering epidermis, leaving behind the typical fascicles of vascular bundles.

Spore balls globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal, oblong to slightly irregular, 25–90 × 20–70 µm, yellowish to dark brown, composed of many spores, cohering when young, later separating.

Spores globose, subglobose, broadly ellipsoidal to slightly subpolyhedrally irregular, 6.5–9.5 × 5.5–8.0 µm, yellowish brown; wall uniformly c. 0.5 µm thick, finely and moderately densely punctate-verruculose; spore profile smooth to faintly delicately undulate; in SEM finely verrucose-echinulate.

Sterile cells not seen.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Digitaria ammophila (F.Muell. ex Benth.) Hughes
Digitaria breviglumis (Domin) Henr.
Digitaria brownii (Roem. & Schult.) Hughes


States & Territories: NSW


Anthracocystis panici-leucophaei is one of five smut fungi that have been recorded on Digitaria in Australia. It is the only one that has sori in the leaves as well as the inflorescence and spikelets.