Anthracocystis themedae-arguentis Vánky


Sporisorium themedae-arguentis Vánky


Sori occupying all spikelets of a raceme or the entire raceme (all racemes in an inflorescence are affected), cylindrical, at first covered by a pale brown peridium that soon disintegrates exposing the black powdery mass of spore balls and several filiform columellae up to 50 mm long. Peridium consisting of several layers of tightly packed rows of elongate subangular thin-walled pale yellowish brown fungal cells 5.5–20.0 × 4–7 (–9) µm.

Spore balls ovoid, elongate, usually irregular, 20–60 × 20–40 µm, reddish brown, semi-permanent, composed of (3–) 8–35(?) apparently loosely connected spores.

Spores subglobose, ovoid to subpolyhedrally irregular, 11–15 (–17) × 9–12 µm, reddish brown; wall of outer spores unevenly thickened (0.5–1.5 µm); free surface with sparse coarse c. 1 µm long spines; wall of inner spores of larger balls uniformly c. 0.5 µm thick, apparently smooth or sparsely and finely punctate.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Themeda arguens (L.) Hack.
Themeda quadrivalvis (L.) Kuntze


States & Territories: NT, QLD, WA