Anthracoidea caryophylleae Kukkonen


Sori in some ovaries of an inflorescence, forming hard black globose bodies, 1–2 mm diam.; when young covered by a thin greyish membrane, later powdery on the surface, partly hidden by the utricles.

Spores medium-sized, slightly flattened (11–13 µm thick), in plane view 16–24 (–27) × 15–20 µm, ovate, subpolygonal to irregular, dark reddish brown; wall 1–3 µm thick, thickest at the angles, usually with 1–3 internal swellings and sometimes with light-refractive spots in the thickest areas; surface ±smooth to finely and densely verruculose or sparsely punctate; spore profile appearing smooth, indistinctly wavy or very finely serrulate; in SEM, sparsely to densely verruculose with low rounded warts; between the warts the surface is minutely and densely verruculose.

Spore germination of Anthracoidea-type.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Carex breviculmis R.Br.


States & Territories: NSW, TAS