Anthracoidea heterospora (B. Lindeb.) Kukkonen


Anthracoidea schoenus G. Cunn.
Cintractia caricis
var. acutarum Savile
Cintractia carpophila (Schum.) Liro
Cintractia heterospora B. Lindeb.
Cintractia schoenus G. Cunn.
Cintractia variabilis Lehtola
Uredo carpophila Schum.


Sori in some ovaries of an inflorescence, forming hard black globose to ovoid bodies, 1–2 (–3) mm long; when young covered by a silvery membrane.

Spores in plane view (10–) 13–21 (–24) × 10–18 (–20) µm, rounded or angular, in side view flattened, 8–12 µm thick, light to dark olivaceous brown or reddish brown; wall 1.0–2.5 µm thick, often slightly thicker at the angles, with 1–4 low (but well-developed) internal swellings, lacking light-refractive areas; surface finely and densely verruculose; warts either not affecting the spore profile or giving it a slightly wavy or finely serrulate aspect; in SEM densely situated, rounded often confluent irregular warts are visible.

Spore germination of Anthracoidea-type.

Anamorph: Crotalia cintractiae-variabilis Lehtola may be present.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Carex blakei Nelmes
Carex gaudichaudiana Kunth


States & Territories: ACT, NSW, VIC