Anthracoidea sclerotiformis (Cooke & Massee) Kukkonen


Cintractia sclerotiformis (Cooke & Massee) G. Cunn.
Ustilago sclerotiformis Cooke & Massee


Sori around the nuts, ovoid, at first enclosed in the utricle and also covered by a white fungal membrane, later becoming exposed; surface black, powdery.

Spores slightly flattened, in lateral view elliptic, in plane view angular-irregular, (14–) 16–22 (–24) × 11–18 µm, dark reddish brown; wall 1–2 µm thick, uneven, thickest at the angles (up to 3 µm); light-refractive spots and 2–4 low internal swellings may be present; surface densely and finely to distinctly verruculose.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Uncinia compacta R.Br


States & Territories: NSW