Aurantiosporium subnitens (J. Schröt. & Henn.) M. Piepenbr., Vánky & Oberw.


Aurantiosporium colombianum M. Piepenbr.
Cintractia subnitens (J. Schröt. & Henn.) Castell. & Cif.
Ustilago subnitens J. Schröt. & Henn.


Sori in some of the male and female spikelets of an inflorescence forming subglobose, ovoid or elongated galls subtended by remains of the nut, 2-5 × 3-4 mm, filled with orange coloured to cinnamon brown mass of spore balls and spores, crumbling at maturity.

Spore balls subglobose, elongate to irregular, 40-100 × 30-60 µm, orange-yellow, easily separating into single spores.

Spores subglobose, ovoid to subpolyhedrally irregular, 14-18 × 6-14 µm, lemon- to orange-yellow; wall with two layers, the outer layer 1-3 µm thick, thickest at the angles, smooth; inner layer 0.5 µm thick, even, smooth.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Scleria novae-hollandiae Boeckeler


States & Territories: NT