Bauerago vuyckii (Oudem. & Beij.) Vánky


Cintractia vuyckii (Oudem. & Beij.) Cif.
Ustilago vuyckii Oudem. & Beij.


Sori in ovaries filling the capsules with an dusty ochraceous yellow spore mass. Infection systemic; infected plants may be slightly deformed.

Spores globose to ellipsoidal, 16–21 × 13–20 µm, pale yellow to pale yellowish brown; wall 2.0–3.5 µm thick, deeply reticulate, 5–8 meshes per spore diameter; meshes 2–3 µm wide; muri 1.5–2.5 (–3) µm high, acute or subacute in optical median view.

Anamorph reported in the anthers.

Host family: Juncaceae
Host species: Luzula novae-cambriae Gand.


States & Territories: VIC


According to Walker (1971) the correct spelling is vuyckii, after the Dutch botanist Laurens Vuyck (1862–1931), although both specific epithets vuyckii and vuijckii are used in the literature. Hämet-Ahti (1982) first reported this smut fungus in Australia, and this also represented its first record for the Southern Hemisphere. Hämet-Ahti (1972) noted that the most distinctive symptoms were found in the anthers and ovaries. In particular, the anthers were unopened after anthesis, shorter but with longer filaments than healthy specimens, sterile and filled with conidia c. 2 × 1 µm.