Cintractia bulbostylidis R.G. Shivas & Vánky


Sori in some spikelets as hard black globose bodies, 1–2 mm diam., composed of agglutinated spores, at first covered by glumes of which the basal part may also be destroyed, becoming naked with a powdery surface.

Spores laterally compressed, in surface view circular or broadly elliptic, 8–11 × 8–10 µm, in lateral view elliptic, 5.5–8.0 µm wide, yellowish brown; wall uneven, 0.5–1.0 µm thick, thinner on the flattened sides, in LM minutely brightly punctate, in SEM finely irregularly reticulate; spore profile smooth.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Bulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) C.B.Clarke


States & Territories: NT


Two smut fungi, Cintractia bulbostylidis and C. lipocarphae, have been found on Bulbostylis barbata in Australia. Both are known from single collections in the Northern Territory.