Entorrhiza globoidea Vánky


Sori on the roots forming pale to dark brown globose ovoid pyriform or elongate galls, when dried 1–6 mm long and 1–3 mm wide, filled with pale brown agglutinated intracellular spore masses.

Spores globose or subglobose, rarely broadly ellipsoidal, with a papilla on one end and a short appendage on the opposite side, 17–24 (–25) × 17.0–21.5 (–24.0) µm, pale yellow to lemon-yellow; wall uniformly 2.5–4.0 µm thick, with coarse ridges parallel to the pedicel-papilla axis of the spore; in lateral view 7–12 ridges visible; when viewed from the longitudinal axis of the spore, 20–27 ridges appear on the equatorial circumference.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Isolepis cernua var. setiformis M.Hislop


States & Territories: WA