Entyloma arctotis Vánky


Sori on the adaxial surface of leaves, visible as circular brown slightly swollen spots, 1–3 (–4) mm diam. (abaxial surface densely covered with white hairs).

Spores globose, ellipsoidal to subpolyhedrally irregular with flattened contact sides, 10–16 × 9–13 µm, pale yellowish brown; wall 2-layered, slightly uneven, thickest at the angles, 1.5–3.0 (–3.5) µm thick, smooth.

Host family: Asteraceae
Host species: Cymbonotus lawsonianus Gaudich.
Cymbonotus sp. aff. preissianus Steetz


States & Territories: ACT, NSW


The topotype material has an associated Cercospora-like fungus that may represent the anamorphic stage of this smut.