Entyloma fuscum J. Schröt.


Entyloma bicolor Zopf
Entyloma fragosoi Cif.
Entyloma fuscellum J. Schröt.
Entyloma glaucii


Sori in leaves, as round or angular spots 2–6 mm diam or, by confluence, much larger, at first white, later brown and dried, often confluent.

Spores solitary or often in small groups, globose, ovoid to polyhedrally irregular, 12–20 × 11–15 µm, pale yellow to brownish yellow; spore wall 1–4 (–5) µm thick, 2-layered; inner layer of uniform thickness, the outer layer varying from thin, inconspicuous and regular to considerably thickened and uneven.

Anamorph: Entylomella fusca Cif., present as a white, hypophyllous covering.

Host family: Papaveraceae
Host species: Papaver dubium L.
Papaver rhoeas L.
Papaver somniferum L.


States & Territories: TAS