Entyloma microsporum (Unger) J. Schröt.


Caeoma bullosum Sacc.
Entyloma ungerianum de Bary
Protomyces microsporus Unger


Sori in leaves and petioles as hard pustules or wart-like swellings, at first yellowish white and disc-like, later brown, swollen, subglobose or fusiform; surface sometimes becoming cracked.

Spores densely situated, globose, ovoid or irregular, 11–23 × 10–16 µm, pale yellow; wall 2-layered; inner layer yellow, uniformly c. 0.5–1.0 µm thick; outer layer hyaline, uneven, 1–9 µm thick, smooth.

Anamorph absent. (Reports of anamorph refers to other Entyloma species).

Host family: Ranunculaceae
Host species: Ranunculus muricatus L.
Ranunculus repens L.
Ranunculus sp.


States & Territories: NSW, SA, VIC