Jamesdicksonia dactylidis (Pass.) R. Bauer, Begerow, A. Nagler & Oberw.


Entyloma alopecurivorum Lavrov
Entyloma anadelphiae Vienn.-Bourg.
Entyloma camusianum Hari.
Entyloma camusianum var. pratense Lavrov
Entyloma catabrosae Johanson
Entyloma crastophilum Sacc.
Entyloma crepinianum Sacc. & Roumeg.
Entyloma cynosuri Gonz.Frag. & Cif.
Entyloma dactylidis (Pass.) Cif.
Entyloma deschampsiae Liro
Entyloma espinosae Unamuno
Entyloma gaudinae Vienn.-Bourg.
Entyloma hieroënse Har. & Pat.
Entyloma holci Liro
Entyloma korshinskyi Lavrov
Entyloma lagerheimianum Liro
Entyloma nubilum Liro
Entyloma phalaridis Speg.
Entyloma polypogonis Vienn.-Bourg.
Entyloma semenoviana (Lavrov) Gutner
Entyloma schweinfurthii Henn.
Entyloma vulpiae Massenot
Melanotaenium dactylidis (Pass.) Denchev
Thecaphora dactylidis Pass.
Tolyposporella semenoviana Lavrov
Tuburcinia castellana Gonz.Frag.
Urocystis castellana (Gonz.Frag.) Zundel
Ustilago phalaridis (Speg.) Cif.
Ustilago semenoviana (Lavrov) Cif.


Sori in leaves and sheaths as short-linear to ovate lead-coloured or black spots, 0.1–2.0 (–3.0) mm long, usually scattered, sometimes confluent, often moderately swollen.

Spores densely packed, tending to cohere in irregular groups, from globose to irregularly polyhedral or elongate, 6–15 (–20) × 5–11 µm, yellowish to blackish brown, with a smooth c. 1–2 µm thick wall.

Spore germination from Agrostis stolonifera resulted in aseptate basidia bearing (2–) 4 (–6) short apical abaxially curved basidiospores on well-developed sterigmata.

Anamorph: usually absent.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Cynosurus echinatus L.
Dactylis glomerata L.


States & Territories: NSW, VIC