Moreaua gymnoschoeni (Vánky & C. Vánky ) Vánky


Tolyposporium gymnoschoeni Vánky & C. Vánky


Sori in spikelets that are filled with a black granular-powdery mass of spore balls, produced on the surface of the filaments and gynoecium. Infected spikelets opened, gradually dispersing the spore balls.

Spore balls subglobose, ovoid, ellipsoidal to elongate or irregular, 35–110 (–130) × 30–70 (–80) µm, dark reddish brown to opaque, composed of dozens of firmly cohering spores.

Spores subcuneiform, elongate or rarely subpolyhedrally irregular, in surface view irregularly polyangular, 7–16 × 5–11 µm, in median view 6–20 (–25) µm long, dark reddish brown; wall of the free surface 1.5–2.5 (–3.0) µm thick, irregularly verrucose, with a pale round germ pore c. 1.5 µm diam.; wall of contact sides 0.5–0.8 µm thick, smooth.

Host family: Cyperaceae
Host species: Gymnoschoenus anceps (R.Br.) C.B.Clarke
Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus (R.Br.) Hook.f.


States & Territories: TAS, WA