Restiosporium apodasmiae Vánky


Sori in all nuts of an inflorescence, hidden by the floral envelopes, filled with a blackish brown semi-agglutinated to granular-powdery mass of spore balls.

Spore balls subglobose, ovoid, ellipsoidal, elongate or irregular, 30–120 × 30–80 (–100) µm, yellowish to reddish brown, rather permanent, composed of tens or hundreds(?) of spores that separate by pressure.

Spores subglobose, ovoid, ellipsoidal to slightly irregular, 9–16 (–17) × 8.0–13.5 µm, yellowish brown; wall uniformly 1–3 µm thick, smooth on the contact sides, with large low rounded warts on the free surface; spore profile wavy.

Host family: Restionaceae
Host species: Apodasmia brownii (Hook.f.) B.G.Briggs & L.A.S.Johnson
Apodasmia ceramophila B.G.Briggs & L.A.S.Johnson


States & Territories: SA, TAS, WA


Restiosporium apodasmiae differs from R. dissimile Vánky & McKenzie (type on Apodasmia similis, New Zealand) by having smaller spores that are rounded, without acute tips and acute edges, and by having larger warts on the free surface of the spores.