Restiosporium lepyrodiae Vánky


Sori in the capsules replacing the seeds, filling the capsules with a black initially agglutinated, later granular-powdery mass of spore balls that are dispersed when the capsules split longitudinally. Infection systemic; all flowers of a shoot and all shoots of a plant affected; infected male plants developing gynoecia with sori (transvestism).

Spore balls ovoid, ellipsoidal or elongate, usually slightly irregular, rarely subglobose, (30–) 45–100 × (30–) 40–65 (–70) µm, dark reddish brown, composed of tens of rather firmly united spores.

Spores subglobose, ellipsoidal to irregularly subpolyhedral, 11–20 × 8–13 µm, yellowish to reddish brown; wall thin, uniformly c. 0.7 µm, apparently smooth; in SEM free surface finely low-verrucose.

Host family: Restionaceae
Host species: Leptocarpus scariosa R.Br.


States & Territories: NSW