Restiosporium proliferum Vánky


Sori in all capsules of an inflorescence, hidden by the floral envelopes, filling them with a black semi-agglutinated to powdery mass of spore balls.

Spore balls subglobose, ellipsoidal, elongate or, usually, irregular, 45–130 × 40–90 µm, dark reddish brown, subopaque to opaque, composed of tens to hundreds of spores that separate by pressure.

Spores rounded or elongate, usually subpolyhedrally irregular, sometimes with subacute or acute tips, 9.0–21.5 × 7–12 (–13.5) µm, olivaceous brown; wall uniformly 0.5–1.0 µm thick, smooth; in SEM with a few low warts on the free surface.

Host family: Restionaceae
Host species: Anarthria prolifera R.Br.


States & Territories: WA


Restiosporium proliferum differs from R. anarthriae in having larger, darker and more compact spore balls and larger spores.