Sporisorium benguetense (Zundel) L. Guo


Sphacelotheca benguetensis Zundel


Sori occupying the racemes, cylindrical, c. 10–20 mm long and 1 mm wide, covered by a dark brown peridium of sterile cells which disintegrates from the apex exposing a blackish brown semi-powdery spore mass surrounding a long simple columella.

Spores when mature solitary, subglobose, broadly ellipsoidal to subpolyhedrally irregular, 11.0–14.5 × 10.5–13.0 µm, olivaceous brown; wall uniformly c. 1 µm thick, minutely and sparsely to moderately densely echinulate.

Sterile cells in small groups; individual cells about the size of the spores or larger, 11–18 µm long, subhyaline to pale yellowish brown, smooth, collapsing with age.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Themeda triandra Forssk.


States & Territories: QLD


See comments under S. themedae.