Sporisorium lanigeri (Magnus) Ershad


Sorosporium ladharense Syd.
Sorosporium pretoriense Zundel (as "pretoriaense")
Sphacelotheca columellifera (Tul. & C. Tul.) Yen
Sphacelotheca concentrica Zundel
Sphacelotheca consueta Syd.
Sphacelotheca cymbopogonis W.Y. Yen
Sphacelotheca cymbopogonis-colorati Mundk. & Thirum.
Sphacelotheca furcata (Pat. & Hariot) Pat. & Hariot
Sphacelotheca lanigeri (Magnus) Maire
Sphacelotheca moggii Zundel
Sphacelotheca mutila Mundk. & Thirum.
Sphacelotheca natalensis Zundel
Sphacelotheca schoenanthi (Syd. & P. Syd. & Butler) Zundel
Sphacelotheca yenii Zundel
Sporisorium cymbopogonis-colorati (Mundk. & Thirum.) Kakishima & Ono
Sporisorium lanigeri (Magnus) Vánky
Sporisorium martinii Bag & Agarwal (as "martinae")
Ustilago furcata Pat. & Hariot
Ustilago lanigeri Magnus
Ustilago schoenanthi Syd. & P. Syd. & Butler


Sori destroying the racemes, ±hidden by the enveloping spathae, cylindrical, tapering to the apex, 5–16 mm long, 1–2 mm wide, at first covered by a thick pale brown peridium that ruptures irregularly exposing the dark brown semi-agglutinated to powdery mass of spore balls, spores and sterile cells surrounding a stout tapering rarely flagelliform sometimes bifurcate central columella.

Spore balls globose, ellipsoidal to irregular, 40–140 × 30–120 µm, dark reddish brown to opaque, composed of numerous spores that separate by pressure.

Spores globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal to slightly irregular, often slightly compressed, 6–9 × 5.5–8.0 µm, yellowish to reddish brown; wall uniformly 0.5–1.0 µm thick, apparently smooth to finely and moderately densely verruculose-echinulate; spore profile smooth to finely wavy.

Sterile cells in irregular groups; individual cells subglobose, ellipsoidal to irregular, 7–20 µm long, hyaline to pale yellowish brown-tinted; wall 1.0–1.5 µm thick, smooth.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Cymbopogon ambiguus A.Camus
Cymbopogon bombycinus (R.Br.) Domin
Cymbopogon obtectus S.T.Blake
Cymbopogon refractus (R.Br.) A.Camus


States & Territories: NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA


Sporisorium lanigeri is the most commonly collected smut fungus on Cymbopogon in Australia. There is considerable variation in sorus and spore morphology between Australian collections indicating that it may be a species complex. At some locations it occurs with S. mutabile.