Tilletia cerebrina Ellis & Everh.


Tilletia airae A. Blytt
Tilletia airina Syd.


Sori in swollen ovaries, 1–2 mm long, partially concealed by the glumes, filled with reddish to black-brown powdery spore masses.

Spores globose, subglobose to ovoid, 28–32 (–37) × 23–32 µm, light yellowish brown to brown, reticulate to cerebriform, 7–10 meshes per spore diameter; muri 1.5–3.0 µm high.

Sterile cells globose to ovoid, 14–24 µm diam.; wall 1.0–2.5 µm thick, smooth.

Spore germination: aseptate basidia developing (3–) 4–6 (–8) apical multinucleate basidiospores that germinate without fusion, producing infection hyphae and multinucleate ballistospores; repeated germination of the latter giving rise to uninucleate ballistospores.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Aira caryophyllea L.
Aira cupaniana Guss.


States & Territories: NSW, SA