Tilletia sphaerococca (Wallr.) A.A. Fisch. Waldh.


Erysibe sphaerococca Wallr. α agrostidis Wallr.
Tilletia caries var. β agrostidis Auerswald
Tilletia decipiens (Pers.) Körn.
Tilletia decipiens (Pers.) J. Schröt.
Uredo decipiens (Pers.) Strauss
Uredo segetum ε Uredo decipiens Pers.
Uredo sphaerococca (Wallr.) Rabenh.
Ustilago sphaerococca (Wallr.) J.G. Kühn


Sori in ovaries ±concealed by the glumes, with a pulverulent light brown foetid spore mass. Infection systemic; host usually dwarfed.

Spores globose to ovoid, 21–30 × 20–27 µm, light yellowish brown; wall reticulate, with 5–9 meshes per spore diameter; muri 1.5–3.5 µm high.

Sterile cells globose to subglobose, generally smaller than the spores, 13–23 µm diam., hyaline; wall smooth, 1.0–2.5 (–3.0) µm thick.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Agrostis capillaris L.
Agrostis parviflora R.Br.


States & Territories: TAS