Ustilago distichlidis (McAlpine) Cif.


Cintractia distichlidis McAlpine (as "distichlydis")


Sori surrounding the distal internodes of sterile shoots, hidden by the leaf sheaths, at first covered by a thin greyish peridium that gradually flakes away exposing the dark brown powdery mass of spores.

Spores globose, subglobose or ellipsoidal, 5.0–6.5 × 4.5–6.0 µm, reddish brown; wall uniformly c. 0.5 µm thick, smooth in LM, finely and rather densely verruculose in SEM; polar caps absent.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Distichlis distichophylla (Labill.) Fassett


States & Territories: VIC, SA


Ustilago distichlidis differs from Tranzscheliella halophila (Speg.) Vánky (type on Distichlis scoparia (Kunth) Arech., Argentina) which has larger globose to elongate spores measuring 5.5–8.0 (–9.0) µm.