Ustilago enneapogonis G.W. Fisch.


Sori destroying the entire inflorescence, rarely only the spikelets, bullate, globose to cylindrical, narrowing distally into an acute tip, 2–8 mm long, 1–2 mm wide, with remnants of aborted spikelets, especially on the distal part of the sori, often completely enclosed by leaf sheaths or protruding and distinct, at first covered by a delicate greyish membrane that ruptures irregularly to expose the dark brown agglutinated spore masses.

Spores globose, subglobose to ellipsoidal, 10.5–13.5 (–14.5) × 9.5–12.5 µm, yellowish to reddish brown; wall uniformly c. 1 µm thick, including sparse scattered spines that cause the spore profile to appear finely serrulate.

Spore germination by hyphae or by a septate promycelium bearing lateral and terminal sporidia.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Enneapogon nigricans (R.Br.) P.Beauv.


States & Territories: NSW