Ustilago trichophora (Link) Körn.


Caeoma trichophorum Link
Cintractia crus-galli (Tracy & Earle) Magnus
Cintractia seymouriana Magnus
Cintractia sphaerogena (Burrill) Hume
Sphacelotheca almorae A. Krishna & R.A. Singh
Uredo (Ustilago) trichophora (Link) Kunze
Ustilago carbo γ columellifera b trichophora (Link) Tul. & C. Tul.
Ustilago crus-galli Tracy & Earle
Ustilago globigena Speg.
Ustilago holubii Syd.
Ustilago panici-frumentacei Bref.
Ustilago sphaerogena Burrill
Ustilago trichophora
var. crus-galli (Tracy & Earle) Lavrov
Ustilago trichophora var. pacifica Lavrov
Ustilago trichophora
var. panici-frumentacei (Bref.) Mundk.


Sori in scattered flowers in the spike (usually affecting all floral parts, including ovaries), and on vegetative parts (leaves and stems) as bullate bodies from a few millimetres diam. to 10 cm long swellings (especially on the stems), covered by a hispid peridium composed of an inner fungal layer and an outer layer of host origin, which ruptures irregularly to expose the initially agglutinated later pulverulent dark brown spore mass.

Spores globose, subglobose to ovoid, 7–12 × 6–11 µm diam., sparsely to moderately densely punctate-tuberculate or echinulate, light olivaceous brown; in SEM sparsely to moderately densely and minutely verruculose between the coarse low to high spines.

Spore germination of Ustilago-type; basidium often 2-celled or a short aseptate structure, occasionally with a lateral branch; basidiospores ovoid to ellipsoidal, produced apically.

Host family: Poaceae
Host species: Echinochloa colona (L.) Link
Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P.Beauv.
Echinochloa frumentacea (Roxb.) Link
Echinochloa turneriana (Domin) J.M.Black
Echinochloa utilis Ohwi & Yabuno


States & Territories: NSW, NT, QLD, SA, VIC


Among the smuts on Echinochloa crus-galli, a hispid peridium is found in U. trichophora and U. paradoxa Syd., P.Syd. & E.J.Butler, but the latter has smooth spores. In contrast, the peridium is smooth in the cosmopolitan Moesziomyces bullatus, in the North American
U. diplospora Ellis & Everh. and in the East Asian U. echinochloae L.Guo & Y.C.Wang