Staff Profiles

Roger Shivas
Roger is a mycologist whose research focus is the systematics and phylogeny of fungi, particularly rusts, smuts, insect pathogens, and plant pathogenic ascomycetes. He has extensive experience in the collection of plant pathogens and has visited many parts of Africa, Asia, South America as well as remote regions in northern Australia. He is also a part-time professor of mycology at the University of Southern Queensland and University of Queensland (Honorary). His research interests are:

  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of new and emerging plant pathogens in Australia
  • Classification of insect pathogenic fungi
  • Biological control of weeds using plant pathogenic fungi

Phone: +61 7 3708 8478

Yu Pei Tan
Yu Pei is a molecular biologist and mycologist who uses phylogenetic analyses to identify and classify fungal plant pathogens. She has a range of projects that have led to improved diagnosis for a diverse range of plant pathogenic fungi, including Colletotrichum, Elsinoe, Fusarium, Botryosphaeriaceae, helminthosporioid fungi, and downy mildews (Oomycetes).

Yu Pei is the manager of the culture collection at the Queensland Plant Pathology Herbarium, and also manages the PC2 Plant Pathology Laboratory at DAF Ecosciences Precinct, Dutton Park.

Phone: +61 7 3708 8470

Dean Beasley
Dean is a plant pathologist who has developed and maintains the Plant Pathology Herbarium and Insect Collection database. He is also developing computer based diagnostic tools for plant pathogenic fungi. Dean has extensive experience in south-east Asian countries, training plant pathologists in biosecurity and diagnostics. Current projects are:

  • Development of a Lucid keys for Australian plant pathogenic fungi
  • Digitisation of plant pathology and entomology specimens and delivery of data to third party systems (e.g. Australian Plant Pest Database and Atlas of Living Australia)

Phone: +61 7 3708 8469